What is the Difference Between MEME Tokens, Utility Tokens and Charity Tokens

June 1, 2021
MoonClone is the first full-autonomous decentralized finance (DEFI) that allows users to create their own tokens in telegram. Its powerful DEFI technology creates, stores, and manages digital assets as tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. The blockchain serves as a secure shared ledger to track the value of a digital asset. To provide you with a better understanding of the crypto world, we will discuss the different tokens and their differences. You will receive valuable information on how to get into cryptos, build your own token, and perform various actions in the DEFI community.The Difference Between MEME, Utility and Charity Tokens

MEME is a token of a project that is created with no real purpose or utility. Sometimes holders of meme tokens can stake them in contracts that give users the opportunity to earn reward points. Tokens do not run on their own blockchain, but use the Ethereum/Binance network to create them.

They are usually ERC-20/BEP-20 tokens used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum/Binance blockchain for issuing the token and providing the rules users must follow. If you stake your MEME tokens, you receive pineapples tokens as credits to redeem art NFTs. Some users use them to bid on many art pieces auctioned on the platform. You can find these tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Utility tokens refer to app coins or user tokens. Companies create a utility token as a digital coupon that is redeemable in the future for discounted costs or to access a product, for an example. These tokens are available during crowdsales as a project fulfills an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You receive a token for your investment in the ICO.

If you set up your utility token properly, the SEC federal laws may allow an exemption. A utility token helps to fund an ICO and creates an internal economy within the blockchain of the project. When you become a holder, you will have certain voting rights within its ecosystem.

Charity tokens are ERC-20 tokens/BEP-20 with the development for financial contributions to nonprofit organizations for social purposes. Their benefits include increased transparency, low transaction fees, and a trustworthy, secured platform. Charities use the tokens to provide continuous financial support for specific projects that support national, local, and international charities. Valuable tools on the platform are nonfungible tokens users have access to for raising funds and giving to those nonprofits.

Traders, investors, and beginners should perform due diligence before they invest in utility tokens and other types of tokens and coins. You must educate yourself to learn the risks involved in investment securities and the crypto markets. Cryptocurrency is complex and requires expertise in research of companies, regulatory laws, and self-discipline.

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There is no guarantee of performance with tokens of this nature and as such they can be extremely volatile. The value of your token can go up as well as down. MOONCLONE is a concept which is still in it’s incubation stage and has many regulatory and operational uncertainties which may affect it’s power to deliver its objectives. Please only purchase if you understand the risks. DYOR
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