What is DEFI and DEFI Lending

June 6, 2021

What Is DeFi?

Along with NFTs, the most popular blockchain buzzword recently has been DeFi. But what is it, exactly? In the simplest terms, DeFi is decentralized finance; it presents an extraordinary opportunity for people to cut out the middleman while taking part in a wide variety of financial transactions. The reason why decentralized finance is gaining so much momentum these days is because many believe that it possesses the key to the future. Those who have been bogged down by the realities of centralized finance — traditional banking and the like — may be afforded a new chance in a decentralized landscape. It's interesting to note, however, that decentralized finance isn't just for those who have been spurned by traditional banking. In fact, these days, it's the billionaires who are singing the praises of stablecoins, prediction markets, and other decentralized offerings. And, with billions more pouring into decentralized finance projects over a period of just a few months, it would appear that the concept of transacting without middlemen is attractive to those across the entire socioeconomic spectrum.

In a World Where 1.7 Billion Human Beings Have No Bank...

Although many in the developed world take centralized banking for granted, people in third-world countries and developing nations often have a very difficult time setting up a traditional bank account. Most of these people have very good reasons for being unbanked. Volatile governments, coups, and other factors can make local banks insolvent. For many across the globe, it makes a lot more sense to deal in cash or even barter. Even in wealthy countries such as the United States, those who want to start small businesses are usually required to take part in interviews with bankers if they need a loan. Predictably, this has led to many aspiring business owners having their dreams shut down before they ever get a chance to open up shop. This, among many others, is a problem that decentralized solutions are qualified to solve.

Why DeFi Lending Will Revolutionize the World for the Better

When algorithms are used to make loan decisions instead of human first impressions, people can receive a fair shot when attempting to make their mark on the world. A smart contract built on Ethereum is going to judge your viability by your prospective ability to pay back funds, not the cost of the suit you're wearing. Imagine the freedom of receiving a loan without having to send copies of your license, social security number, and bank statements to multiple entities. This is the power of decentralization at work.

How Can I Help Others with Own Crypto Through DeFi Lending?

Whether you're a BTC maximalist or a DOGE enthusiast, at some point you may want to do more than HODL. This is where DeFi lending comes in. In the traditional world of centralized banking, of course, one has to jump through many hoops before being permitted to lend to others. Decentralized lending, however, offers everyone the ability to become a lender in their own right. Lending pools provide those who hold crypto with the opportunity to lend out their assets. This means that your crypto assets will earn interest instead of sitting in a wallet somewhere.

Those Who Pay Attention to the Market Will Triumph

Of course, cryptocurrencies tend to fluctuate a lot more than traditional finance assets, so both lenders and borrowers will have to take this into account when doing business on the blockchain. Just like in the centralized banking world, it is advisable for both parties to do their due diligence before joining a lending pool or asking for a loan. For borrowers who are looking to get a loan quickly, though, lending pools really do offer an extraordinary chance to receive funds fast. When time is of the essence, sometimes this may be the most important factor of all.

The Future Will Be Tokenized

For those who are exhausted by the middlemen and the delays inherent in centralized banking, decentralized finance is creating a new and exciting landscape that is backed by the beauty of blockchain technology. While centralized systems can be hacked and altered, decentralized financial systems live on multiple devices across the planet. In an ever-changing world, decentralized solutions offer hope and a chance for equality. It's crucial to note that decentralized finance seems to be less and less tied to the dips and moons of crypto as billions are poured into building this new infrastructure. While people may waver wildly on their enthusiasm for BTC or a certain altcoin on a daily basis, those who are compelled by the use cases of decentralized finance appear to be interested in it for the long haul. Although yield farming, staking, and other buzzwords may be dominating the news these days, the potential of DApps — decentralized applications — to transform and ameliorate everything we know about exchanging funds truly cannot be overstated right now.

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