How To Purchase MOONCLONE from New York

May 24, 2021

Apps you will need:

  • Coinbase
  • Nexo Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Authy
  • Telegram

1. Set up an account on Coinbase and use it to purchase a Bitcoin (BTC) supply.

2. Once you have BTC in your Coinbase wallet, click the portfolio tab and select Bitcoin (you should see the word bitcoin and your current balance in usd). This should bring you to a page that displays a live BTC chart as well as your current BTC balance in your BTC wallet. Click on the rectangle under the graph that says BTC Wallet then select the arrow in the top right corner of the next page. This will bring you to the initial transfer page. From here, type in how much money u would like to transfer to BNB and it will bring u to a page titled “Select recipient”.

3. Go to your Nexo wallet and click the wallet tab on the bottom of the screen. Then select BTC and click Top Up. If this is your first time transferring funds into Nexo wallet you will need to set up 2 Factor Authentication using the Authy App. If not, copy the Top Up address and paste it into the Select Recipient space on the Coinbase app.

4. Initiate your transfer by selecting “Preview Send” and going through the subsequent pages. This transaction takes approximately 45–90 minutes to complete before you see your BTC arrive in your Nexo Wallet.

5. Once the BTC appears in your Nexo Wallet, click the exchange icon and swap your btc balance for bnb. (Pay with: BTC, Receive: BNB)

6. Open Trust Wallet and select the tab on the bottom that says “wallet”. Select bnb and then click receive. copy that address.

7. Go back into your Nexo Wallet and go back to the wallet tab. Select BNB and click “withdraw”. Paste the address u copied from trust wallet into the recipient section and initiate the transfer. Here you will need to enter the 2 Factor Authentication code that you created in your Authy app in step 3. For a smoother transaction, wait for the 6 digit code to refresh once before entering it into the Nexo app.

8. Once the BNB appears in your Trust Wallet, select the tab on the bottom titled “dex”. From here you will need to swap your BNB for Smartchain BNB. This will allow you to use your BNB balance to purchase Alt Coins on Pancake Swap (see next steps).

8. Go to safari (or your phone’s local browser and type in trust://browser_enable. Follow the prompts. From here you should have a new tab in your Trust wallet that says Browser. Click it then select pancake swap. On the top right of the Pancake swap page select “Connect” the select “Trust Wallet”.

9. Go back into Pancake Swap and click the 3 parallel lines next to the clock on top right of the screen. Enter the recommended slippage for whatever Alt Coin you would like to purchase. This can normally be found in the Community Telegram Group for the coin you are interested in purchasing. From here all you need to do is click “select a currency” in the to section of pancake swap. Enter the contract code for the Alt Coin you are interested in purchasing in the search bar. EX) 0x5E8A5A64eA834C8195d5d0E92De1100F496572A0 (MoonClone)

10. Click max next to your BNB balance in the from section then click swap.

11. Your BNB has been exchanged for your desired Alt Coin and you are ready to go to the moon!!!

When you are ready to liquidate your earnings just repeat the steps in reverse and enjoy the gains.

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There is no guarantee of performance with tokens of this nature and as such they can be extremely volatile. The value of your token can go up as well as down. MOONCLONE is a concept which is still in it’s incubation stage and has many regulatory and operational uncertainties which may affect it’s power to deliver its objectives. Please only purchase if you understand the risks. DYOR
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