Five Steps for Building Your Own Token Using The MoonClone Bot

June 1, 2021

Step 1

You can build your own token by opening the telegram and searching for @MOONCLONEBOT. When the telegram opens, you will receive a welcome message. You must respond with the number ‘0’ to create your Safemoon clone and the number ‘1’ to create your custom token.

The system allows you to stop the process by entering “/stop” in the field. When you select ‘0’, the deployment of three functions exists, including reflection, LP acquisition, and burn in every trade. There is a tax fee of 10 percent, which is split two ways at 5 percent each. A five percent fee equals the redistribution to all the holders.

The five percent fee is split equally, 50/50, with half sold by the contract into BNB. With the other half, the system automatically pairs your tokens with the ether to add as a liquidity pair on Pancake Swap. Network participants control the issuance of BNB or Ether, the network’s cryptocurrency.

Step 2

Name your token and select a symbol, telegram URL, and website URL, to create your token. Once you finish with submitting the required information, MoonClone Bot will ask for your email to send your source code to the contract. After you submit the information, the setup process is complete.

Step 3

It is now time for you to fun your account with 1 ether or BNB worth of MoonClone to create your custom token using your wallet. Your contract will deploy within two minutes.

Step 4

Verify your token on and read your contract thoroughly, then navigate to Verify Contract Source Code for verifying your information.

Step 5

Go to Pancake Swap and add liquidity when the verification information process is complete. To do this, click the Add Liquidity button and then select BNB and the address to your tokens. You must add two to three of the network’s cryptocurrency for liquidity and the exact amount of tokens to get your price. Next, click the Approve and Supply button to trade your token on Pancake Swap.

Step 6

The final step is renouncing your token ownership on the token page. DXLock is a service that allows you to lock your liquidity. You are now ready to launch your first token successfully through the telegram.

DEFI Community

Traders and teams can use the MoonClone Bot to launch a project on BSC. They become members of the DEFI community as MoonClone members. Traders and each team member will receive alerts for new tokens, liquidity locks and renounced ownership. Its Telegram channel alerts all members in the network community of every token creation using the Bot.

Charity tokens and meme tokens run on decentralized platforms, with no regulations issued by the SEC. Securities Exchange Commission regulates utility tokens when used as investments in a company. You can use MoonClone and create your own token in charity, utility, meme, or custom-built in a secured environment.

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There is no guarantee of performance with tokens of this nature and as such they can be extremely volatile. The value of your token can go up as well as down. MOONCLONE is a concept which is still in it’s incubation stage and has many regulatory and operational uncertainties which may affect it’s power to deliver its objectives. Please only purchase if you understand the risks. DYOR
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